Guests – Saratov provincial theatre of choral music (Saratov, Russia)

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Saratov provincial theatre of choral music was founded in 1991 by the initiative of Honoured Worker of Arts of Russia Ludmila Litsova who is its art director and main conductor.
The collective is a laureate and Grand-Prix winner of International competition of choral music (Poland, 1993), V International competition “Yalta-Victoriya-2005” (Ukraine, Yalta, 2005), XXI International Festival-Competition CHORUS INSIDE RUSSIA SARATOV (Russia, Saratov, 2016), a laureate of II International competition of choirs “Singing World” (2006), participant of more than 40 international festivals in France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tambov, Saratov). The collective is a permanent participant of international festivals of orthodox music and “Moscow fall” in Moscow, Dyagilev festivals in Perm (2013, 2014), International music festival “World. Era. Names” (2014, 2015) and Interregional choral festival “Ascension” (2015) in Ulyanovsk, Volga choral assemblies in Volgograd (2014), “Young Voices-2016” (Nizhny Novgorod, 2016), Neygauz festival and Sobinov festivals in Saratov. A group of soloists of the collective, headed by art director L. Litsova, took part in the jubilee gala concert of choral music dedicated to the 70th birthday of G. Dmitriyak and All-Russian festival “Lyubov sviataya” (“Saint Love”), dedicated to the 90th anniversary of A. Yurlov’s birth (Moscow, 2017).
Its repertoire contains works of different epochs, styles and genres: from G. Palestrina and J.S. Bach to A. Schnittke and K. Penderecki. Saratov provincial theatre of choral music is recognized as one of the best Russian choirs, and a number of contemporary composers create pieces especially for this collective (M. Arkadiev, M. Gogolin, S. Ekimov, M. Kalistratov, A. Kulygin, A. Larin, E. Podgayts, V. Ryavov, Y. Falik etc.). Many orchestras from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Krakow, Bydgoszcz, Hajnówka (Poland), Frankfurt am Main and Alzenau (Germany) collaborated with it; conductors D. Botinis, M. Granovsky, O. Zverev, D. Kitayenko, Y. Kochnev, F. Mansurov, A. Rudin, E. Serov, A. Feldman, E. Khilkevitch, O. Yanchenko (Russia), M. Knell, L. Kremer and G. Jenemann (Germany), H.M. Florenzo (Poland), T. Currentzis (Greece, Russia).
The following collectives successfully work as part of Saratov provincial theatre of choral music: a laureate of international competitions Saratov provincial theatre of choral music (art director and main conductor is L. Litsova, choirmasters are A. Balashov, E. Melnikova, E. Absalutinova), male choir “Victoria” (art director and main conductor is L. Litsova, choirmaster is A. Balashov) – Grand Prix winner of All-Russian Men’s Choirs Competition “Poyuscheye muzhskoye bratstvo” (“Singing Men’s Brotherhood”, Kaluga, 2000), International Festival-Competition “Yalta-Victoria-2005” (Ukraine, Crimea, 2005), a laureate of VI International choirs competition “Poyuschiy mir” (“Singing World”, 2010); Concert children’s choir (art director is A. Nikolaeva, choirmaster is Y. Smoktiy) – Grand Prix winner of All-Russian competition “Poyuscheye detstvo” (“Singing Childhood”, Moscow, 2000), XIV international festival CHORUS INSIDE “CHRISTMAS” (Hungary, 2014) , a laureate of IV International Festival “Chorus Inside International” (Italy, 2012), XXI International Festival-Competition CHORUS INSIDE RUSSIA SARATOV (Saratov, 2016).

Ludmila Litsova
Creator, art director and main conductor of Saratov provincial theatre of choral music. Professor, Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Head of academic choir conducting department and art director of Academic Choir of Saratov State Conservatory. Laureate and Grand Prix winner of international competitions of choral music.
Ludmila is a jury member of many international competitions, an author of articles on choral education and performances problems. She is an initiator and art director of Open provincial academic choirs’ festivals-competitions “Golden lights of Saratov”, creative laboratories and workshops “Singing choirmaster”, “Conducting choirmaster”, Interregional competition of conductors and choirmasters “Choral provinces”, and choral workshops. She is one of conductors of All-Russian master-class “National youth choir” held in Tchaikovsky Moscow state conservatory.