Hefei University students’ choir (Héféi, China)

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Hefei University students’ choir (Héféi, China)

Hefei University students’ choir was founded in 2011. Nowadays it consists of 60 singers and, thanks to support of university and efforts of participants, is one of the best choral collectives in China.

The choir performs in 2 formations, as female and mixed choir.

Female choir consists of 32 girls aged about 20 years old. The collective performs pieces of various styles and genres on a high level.

The choir participates not only in various university concerts every semester, but in the city of Hefei festival also. The choir repertoire consists of classical pieces, contemporary popular music, rock-n-roll and folk songs.

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Xu Gang

Xu Gang is the Art director of Héféi University students choir. He graduated from Anhui university musical college in 1999. Nowadays Xu Gang is the deputy director of Department of working with students of Hefei University. He is a permanent head of the faculty and students choirs that scored many victories in local and municipal competitions. Xu Gang also headed many other collectives, such as choir Hefei City Women’s Association, Baohe District Choir and Choir of the Garden Committee.

Xu Gang lectures on the basics of vocational training (vocal techniques, singing and choral conductor’s art, the course of improvised piano accompaniment and others).