Youth chapel “Harmony” (Gatchina, Russia)

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Youth chapel “Harmony” (Gatchina)

Youth chapel “Harmony” was founded in 1982 in the city of Gatchina of Leningrad region. Nowadays it consists of higher forms students and graduates of Choral department of Children Music School aged 15 – 40, about 30 singers in total. The choir repertoires contains Russian sacred music, folk songs, European classic music, pieces of contemporary Russian and foreign composers. The collective continuously participates in regional and international competitions and wins prizes. Its creative geography (international competitions since 1996) consists of Greece, Austria, Belgium, Latvia, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania and Russian citites.

Art director and main conductor is Irina Roganova.

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Irina Roganova

Irina Roganova is the Honored Culture worker of Russian Federation, member of Concert figures Union of Russian Federation, art director and main conductor of People’s collective Youth chapel “Harmony”, Head of Choral department of Children Music School (Gatchina), laureate of international competitions, art director of choral competitions “Rainbow”, Member of the Board of All-Russian Choral organization, North-West region of Russia Children and Youth choirs association president.