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Participants – Choir “Healing power of music” of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow, Russia)

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The choir of Russian Medical University was founded in 2009. The main task of project organizers is acquaintance of future doctors with vocal and choral music, development of ensemble singing skills, popularization of musical culture. All students willing to sing are accepted into the collective. The number of singers in different years varied from 8 to 20 people. At present, the third composition of medical, pediatric, medical and biological and other faculties students has already been formed. The basis of the collective’s repertoire is composed of popular pieces in special a capella arrangement for the ensemble composition. The choir is a laureate of Russian Festival of Student Creativity “Festos” (2012-2016) in the pop vocal nomination, laureate of the festival “Crystal Chapel”, participant of XII International Festival of Students and Academic Choirs “Freckle” (“Vesnushka”, 2017). It performed with various programs in halls of Russian Academy of Sciences, Center for Slavic Culture and Writing, International Trade Center, Crocus Las Vegas, and constantly takes part in university projects. The audience invariably warmly receives its sincere emotional performances, which necessarily include dance elements.

Tatiana Rostapshova
Artistic director and conductor of the choir “Healing power of music” of Russian National Research Medical University. She has been engaged in the choral art for more than 35 years, for many years she was the soloist and coordinator of the national collective Academic Choir “Khoral” (Lyubertsy), laureate of Russian and international competitions and festivals conducted by Honored Worker of Culture Irina Kitayenko.
As part of the vocal ensemble “Musical Express” conducted by Elena Gusakova she won in International Choir Competition Bad Ischl (Austria, 2009, 2011), the contest “International Pop Choir Festival Berlin 2014” (Best Performance), Open competition of instrumental and choral ensembles’ show programs of All-Russian Orchestral Assemblies “Cup of the Rector of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts” in the nomination “Show Program of Vocal Ensembles” (Grand Prix – 2014) and others.
Together with Elena Gusakova she organized a choir studio “Healing power of music” in Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University.

Participants – Chamber choir “CARPE DIEM” (Moscow, Russia)

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Chamber choir of National Research Nuclear University Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) began its history in MEPhI in 2001. The collective annually participates in University cultural events, tours actively, performs at leading concert halls of Moscow and represents MEPhI in city and international festivals such as “Festos” (Moscow), “Chorus inside” (Moscow), “Paparats-kvetka” (Minsk), “Young voices” (Nizhny Novgorod), VII All-Russian academic choirs and vocal ensembles competition “Singing Russia” (Saint-Petersburg), VII International festival of student and academic choirs “Freckle” (“Vesnushka”, Yaroslavl), “Praha of Mozart” (Praha, Czech Republic), “Slovakia cantat – 2014” (Bratislava, Slovakia). The collective became the winner of “Mixed choirs” nomination and won the special prize for the best a cappella piece performance at II All-Russian choral competition-festival “Choral Kazan – 2016”. In February 2017, the choir became the winner of IVth Teratsuyants International Festival of Choral Music in the competition for the best performance of Nordic countries’ and Karelia’s composers’ piece (Petrozavodsk, Russia).
“Carpe diem” (lat.) means “Catch a moment, enjoy the present day”! Let a little bit of creativity be in every moment of life! And then every day would not be lived in vain!
Choirmaster – Ostap Dautov

Elena Gurskaya
Art director and conductor of youth Chamber choir “CARPE DIEM”.
Elena graduated from Gnesiny State Musical College (class of V. Bogdanovskaya, Honored Worker of Culture) and Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (class of Honored Arts worker of Russia, Professor B. Kulikov).
Since the third-year of her college, she works with a variety of children’s choirs. Since 2003 to 2006 Elena was a choirmaster of the choir school for boys and young men “Debut”, since 2007 to 2008 she was the conductor of the junior choir of Choral and Instrumental department of Alyabyev Childrens’ Music School, and since September of 2009 until now she is the conductor of junior choirs of Instrumental department of Arensky Childrens’ Music School.
Among her personal achievements there are III degree laureate diploma (2013) and II degree diploma (2011) of Festival of young teachers and choirmasters of Moscow culture and art educational institutions; special conductor’s prize of International festival “Praha of Mozart” (2012, Praha); Prize of Government of Moscow for state culture institutions workers in “Best young specialist in the culture sphere” (2014), diploma of laureate of international festival “Chorus inside” in “Choir conductor” nomination.

Participants – Privolzhskiy Research Medical University Choir “Ars longa” (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)

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Privolzhskiy Research Medical University Choir “Ars longa” was founded many years ago, but it is only 3 years in its present composition. During this time the collective visited festivals in Moscow and Yaroslavl, became a laureate of II degree of Interregional competition “Instant” (“Mgnoveniye”), laureate of II degree of All-Russian competition of choirs. The collective actively cooperates with Nizhny Novgorod Russian folk orchestra under the leadership of V. Kuznetsov, with the opera class of Glinka Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory. Yulduz Masharipova Art director and conductor of the choir “Ars longa”. She graduated from Sobinov Yaroslavl Music College and Glinka Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory (Faculty of Choral Conducting). In 2012 Yulduz worked as the art director of boys’ choir “Siskins” (“Chizhiki”) at Children’s Arts School #7 (Yaroslavl), the choirmaster of the male choir “Yaroslavsky singing” and mixed choir “Eteria” (Yaroslavl). In 2013, she became a laureate of All-Russian Olympiad of music colleges on choral conducting, in 2014 Yulduz became the winner of International Song Contest in a foreign language. In 2016, she became a laureate of S. Eidinov All-Russian competition of choral conductors. Yulduz is a curator and organizer of International Festival of Academic and Student Choirs “Freckle” (“Vesnushka”) in Yaroslavl. Currently, she is the conductor of Privolzhskiy Research Medical University choir «Ars longa», as well as the boys’ choir “Beacon” (“Mayachok”) and the choir “Rainbow” (“Raduga”) at Mokrousov music school #11 (Nizhny Novgorod).

Participants – Student choir chapel of Moscow State Linguistic University “Musica Linguae” (Moscow, Russia)

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The choir chapel “Musica Linguae” (from Latin – “Music of the language”) was founded in 2000 at Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU). It is the linguistic orientation that determines the choir repertoire – it includes pieces in a variety of foreign languages (European, Eastern, languages of CIS countries, etc.), and this highlights MSLU chapel among similar student groups.
The collective was formed on the basis of the choir of German language Faculty, to which students from other faculties gradually began to join, who wanted to sing not only in German. That’s why it was decided to organize the chamber collective «Musica Linguae». Today the chapel is an invariable participant of all solemn university events – from New Year’s concerts and meetings on May 9 to international conferences, linguistic contests and receptions of high-ranking foreign guests. In addition, the collective regularly and successfully performs at various concerts in Moscow and Moscow region, and also participates in Russian and international festivals and competitions.
“Musica Linguae” is a laureate of international spiritual festival “Silver Bells” (Daugavpils, Latvia, 2007), festivals “Festos” (2007, 2015, 2016, 2017), “Freckle” (“Vesnushka”, Yaroslavl, 2011), “Young Voices” (Nizhny Novgorod, 2012), as well as a prize-winner of competitions “Spring in LETI” (St. Petersburg, 2008) and “Canta en Primavera” (Malaga, Spain, 2015).
The choir took part in the biggest international choral competition “World Choir Games” twice. In 2014, in Riga (Latvia), it was awarded a silver diploma of IX degree in “Chamber mixed choirs” category of Open competition. In July 2016, the chapel visited World Choir Games in Sochi and received 1 silver (“Pop Choirs” category) and 2 gold diplomas (“Folklore a Capella” and “Chamber Mixed Choirs” categories), thus qualifying for participation in Champions Competition at the next World Choir Games in South Africa.
Choirmaster of the chapel is Boris Seleznyov, assistant to the art director, talented teacher and conductor, graduate of the school at Moscow Conservatory.

Olga Dubovskaya
Founder, Art director and conductor of MSLU chapel “Musica Linguae”.
A professional musician who graduated in 2000 from the music school at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and from conductors faculty of Gnessins Academy.